Parish Organization

Parish Organization

The Parish Council shall assist the parish pastor by deliberating and acting on matters pertaining to the spiritual, financial and educational affairs of the parish, its management and operation, except in those matters explicitly limited by Church law. The Parish Council shall work with the parish staff and concern itself with all aspects of parish life including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the following areas: social, liturgical and apostolic programs; evolvement of the long-range and immediate goals of the parish; the Christian formation of the parishioners (including formation as Stewardship parish); and involvement of the entire parish in the conduct of parish affairs. In its work, the Parish Council shall be guided by the following principal objectives: the fostering of parish unity; the development and implementation of a unified program of renewal designed to promote the common good of the parish; the formation of the parish as a Stewardship parish; the coordination of all parish activities; the provision of adequate forums for dialogues among all members of the parish and between parish members in the spiritual and apostolic life; the promotion of diocesan and deanery activities and programs; and the assessment of the spiritual and temporal needs of the parish.


The seven commissions are: Worship, Faith Formation, School Advisory Board, Community and Pastoral Care, Service, Stewardship, and Finance. Each commission has a representative that reports to the Parish Council. Committees are formed by the pastor as needed for special projects.


The parish staff provides the essential underpinning and operational support required by the Parish Council and the ministries to function effectively. A staff member is assigned to work with the Parish Council. Staff should be kept informed of the actions of the Parish Council and ministries, and may participate in Parish Council meetings as consultants and resource people. They should keep the Parish Council abreast of significant events within the diocese and deanery. They should also have the opportunity to seek advice and support from the Parish Council as needed.