Stewardship of Talent

We have heard these words of dismissal at the end of Mass so many times —“The Mass is ended, go in peace to love and serve the Lord,” but have we truly taken them to heart? If the Eucharist is indeed our Love and our Life, then it must touch everything that we do when we leave the Church at the end of Mass. We have been filled up by Love itself, now, in gratitude, we must pour out our lives for others. We must serve Him who has loved us so well by serving others with the talents He has given us.

Pray about the following possibilities:

  • We have all now, to some degree, experienced what life is like for our homebound parish family members. Perhaps join a ministry dedicated to serving their needs.
  • We have gone without the beauty of attending Mass in person.  Consider serving in a ministry that makes our Church or our liturgies more beautiful and welcoming.
  • Commit to a daily extra act of service toward a family member as a concrete way to serve the Lord.
  • If you remain homebound, we value and need your talents! Consider ways you can serve right from home — helping with phone calls or emails for a ministry or offering skills like sewing or baking for parish events. There are countless ways to serve God’s kingdom.